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Chinese emperor The Forbidden City

Shaman Exhibition in Antwerp

Muhka, Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp

New CD: Jazz in Hamburg 98

Dieter Glawischnig's 60th birthday

Sainkho Namtchylak's new project

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For the first time, I travelled to Belgium. The exposition 'Spellbound by the shaman' in Antwerp was the reason and we took the chance to visit other places as well.

But before, let me introduce the Reiss-Museum in Mannheim:


Reiss Museum, Mannheim The Reiss-Museum in Mannheim, Germany, presents the exhibition The Forbidden City, documenting the life of the emperors of the Quin-Dynasty from 1644 to 1911. This exhibition was prepared in cooperation with the Palace-Museum, Beijing and was presented in Paris before it came to Mannheim.

I got the chance to see this beautiful exhibition on my way home to Hamburg from the south of Germany and I can only suggest you to go there, too. Although the items are not new for visitors, who have strolled through the wonderful palace in the 'northern capital', it is no wasted time to see them a second time. Uniform

The catalogue gives interesting insights and I learned that there was Shamanism at the chinese court as well as in Siberia and that the Empress Dowager CiXi attended shamanistic sessions from time to time. This was quite a new aspect for me and I try to get the literature, which is listed in the catalogue in the next time.

As the exhibition is prolonged until April 19, 1998, you still have the chance to go there!

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Ethnographic Museum

There is a very interesting exhibition on Shamanism in Tuva in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Antwerp Etnografisch Museum organised the exhibition Spellbound by the Shaman in association with the Tuvan Museum of Regional Studies Aldan Maadyr in Kyzyl, Tuva, Southern Siberia.

This museum houses a wealth of objects dating from the Bronze Age to the present day.

Ethnographic Museum, Antwerp

Mongush B. Kenin-Lopsang, writer - scientist and shaman - expert, autor of the book Magic of Tuvinian Shamans contributed to this exhibition and the catalogue. I met him in 1993 in Kyzyl, when he showed us around the museum and since this time I try to find information on Shamanism beside the esoteric business.

I got the permission to take photos at the exhibition halls, so please, have a look..

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MUHKA Antwerp is a city of art and beside the 'classical' museums there is the MUHKA, Museum voor Hedendagse Kunst, the Museum for Contemporary Art.

Even without art the space, a former grain storehouse, would be a phantastic place, full of light. With art, it is one of the best exhibition places I have ever seen.
The collection presents works by belgian and foreign artists, and a big installation by Ilya Kabakov will take place this summer. A good reason to come back.

A short walk around this place

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The new CD-Sampler szene-sampler 98: Jazz made in Hamburg is out:

12 pieces by musicians from Hamburg, collected and produced by the JazzBüro Hamburg, an organisation of jazz musicians to promote their music.

All 12 pieces are online in Audio, so you can get a real impression of what is going on here!Audio

Beside the new 98 sampler, there still is the 97-sampler.

The homepage of the JazzBüro Hamburg is hosted by Avant@rt, so I can contribute a little bit.

Jazz made in Hamburg


Dieter GlawischnigDieter Glawischnig, musician, band leader, teacher and friend, celebrates his 60th birthday march 7. So I opened a birthday-book, where everybody, who wants, can contribute and send his congratulation.


Sainkho Namtchylak has a new project and a new contact-adress. Find out about this!

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