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June 22, the first day of the festival

The first day of a festival has it's own tension: will you meet the friends you didn't see for some time, will everybody arrive in time, will everything be prepared?

Yes: the friends arrived....

Sainkho Namtchylak, Nikolai Dmitriev and Heinz Erich Gödecke
Sainkho Namtchylak, Nikolai Dmitriev
and Heinz-Erich Gödecke
The opening of the festival The opening of the festival:
announcements, thanks to the sponsors, congratulations and hope:

Let the festival be a success! Let us follow the tradition of KUKART: new ideas, new friends, friendship and intensive cooperation!

The first performance was a production of INTERSTUDIO: HUMANIMALS, a performance for children and adults.

Vadim Isakov, the director, adopted an ancient tale of the Northern People and created a beautiful, breathtaking play. Great actors, puppets, pictures... truly enjoyable.

HUMANIMALS Performance
Ghosts And here they go: Ghosts run around, draw people into their hellish circle and try to bewitch them. North Russian Choir
But they must surrender to beauty: when the northrussion choir of beautiful young women started their summer celebration, the ghosts just could hide behind the trees and admire them.
Polonaise Back into the palace, where Gödecke plays a solo for the vernissage of the artists group Emergency Exit.

After that, Tanya Segal presented her monoperformance DYBUK.

HE Gödecke
Nick and Victor Friends wait for the Summer Solstice: Nikolai Dmitriev and Victor Platonov, a good friend, the former puppet-master of INTERSTUDIO. Gun Go
The Theatre GunGo celebrates this midsummer event in the park, during the White Nights of Puschkin,

while Nikolai Yakimov, a great singer and musician from St. Petersburg, takes care for the PA and music technique. He has one of the busiest jobs of the festival. Spasibo, Kolya!

Kolya Yakimov


the next day

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