KUKART III - a review

In the promotional text, INTERSTUDIO describes the festival as following:

«..(it) takes it as its goal the task of deep theoretical and practical learning of the language of arts, transgressions, inter-contextual strategy and synthesis. »


«Particular attention is paid to the research of paratheatrical forms: performance, installation, including video-installation and new scientific technologies. »

Now this festival took part for the third time and as I was happy to take part in all of them, I can say that they reached the self-defined goal every time. I don't know of any other place in the world where artists of all disciplines meet and work so intensively together, where artist and audience meet and discuss, where artists are the audience for other artists... to tell a long story shortly: KUKART gives everybody a chance to meet, work and learn: artists, critics and audience.

Let me give an example from KUKART II: a german actress and director, a swiss actor (both living in South America), a german musician and russian students from Interstudio produced a theatre play together: Death, my friend. The idea was cooked out by exchanging letters and emails, then Iris Disse and David Höner arrived from Ecuador and they met Heinz-Erich Gödecke in Carskoe Celo. One week of intensive work and rehearsal - and the play was born. Imagine: they all speak different languages: russian, german and swiss-german, they used English as lingua franca and understanding was possible even without words.

This year a performance of Marina Perchikhina found an end, which was begun at KUKART II in 1995, when Marina Perchikhina, Tadashi Endo and Heinz-Erich Gödecke surrounded the palace, celebrating pieces of art, which were transferred then to Moscow. Now they were brought back to Carskoe Celo.

These few examples show the intensive athmosphere and the great chances for artistic work, which can be taken as the trademark of KUKART.

The importance of KUKART for the artistic life today is obvious, art critics and journalists from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ekaterinburg took part. Josef Bachstein f.e. came to KUKART directly after his visit to the Documenta in Kassel and the Sculpture Project in Münster,
I can't mention all participants and their work, as there were so many interesting actions, installations, performances, concerts and plays, but let me mention my personal favorites: Bogdan Mamonov's installation, Sainkho Namtchylak's performance, Jaccard-Schellig-Bertinelli dance-theatre and many others. Please forgive me in case I forget something!

KUKART was only possible, because students, coworkers and teachers of Interstudio and friends from St. Petersburg, Moscow and Hamburg (to mention a few) cooperated and shared their energies.

Let me not forget the unique athmosphere and ambiente of Zapaznoi Dvoretz (the palace) and the park around it, where the Academy is situated thanks to the Administration of the Palaces and the Carskoe Celo Museum-Reservat!

I cannot ignore the very bad economic situation of the arts nowadays and the desperate financial situation of INTERSTUDIO, so I have even more respect how this event could be made possible. It is truely due to this reasons that the festival was cut from 10 days to 8 days and that the theatrical part of the festival was reduced as well.
A walk on very thin ice - but they reached the bank on the other site. With the help of international and national, regional sponsors: PRO HELVETIA, SOROS Foundation for an open society, Computerland, Technoschock, to name some of them. Without their help I would have missed one of the most intensive and impressive festivals.

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