3Ya - Yuri, Anastasia and Julia Yaremtchuk

Yuri Yaremtchuk

Yuri Yaremtchuk invited Heinz-Erich Gödecke to Lviv, the capital of Western Ukraina. They knew each other from some concerts with the Moscow Composers Orchestra and many festivals in Russia.

Yuri Yaremtchuk is one of the standard-bearers of free music in Ukraina. He worked with Kuryokhin, Letov, is member of the Moscow Composers Orchestra and earns his living as saxophonist a restaurant.

There is no big audience for free music in Lviv. Only very few musicians and a small, but very interested audience.

Yulia YaremtchukAnastasia Yaremtchuk

and Anastasia Yaremtchuk study at the Lviv Conservatory. They know free and improvised music since their childhood. Together with their father, they form the trio 3 YA.

It is not astonishing that the Trio 3 YA performed successfully in Moscow...

HE Gödecke, Nastja Yaremtchuk and Yuri Yaremtchuk

They gave two concerts with Heinz-Erich Gödecke in winter 2000/2001 in Lviv:

improvised music together with compositions by Yuri Yaremtchuk and Heinz-Erich GÖdecke.

These concerts were very inspiring, as they all played very much up to the point, with very delicate dynamic and accents.

applause after the concert

Yulia and Anastasia Yaremtchuk combine the intellectual discipline of a classic musical education with the knowing and free music and a long experience of improvising:

a stroke of luck.

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