Vilnius, September 29 - September 30, 1996

Lazy days for me, but not for the musicians. They worked on their scores, recordings and preparations for the festivals.
I enjoyed the free time, but was a little sad because of the bad weather: rainy and windy, so I couldn't (or didn't want to) walk to the nearby lakes.

autumn leave

In the afternoon we went to the train station to buy our tickets to Moscow. To my surprise the prices for one bed in a coupé are still low: 35$ for a trip which will take at least 18 hours. We will leave on tuesday, october 1, in the afternoon and we will arrive the next morning at half past nine at the Whiterussian Station (belaruski wogsal).

I know Vilnius for three years now and every time I am surprised about the speed of 'Europezation' which takes place here. Prices are nearly the same as in Germany and the choice in the shops is big. The only difference I found out: we don't have so many flower shops (Gélés).

Peter's picture

6 year-old Peter found out how to move the trackball of my notebook and the rest of the day I had to teach him how to change colors and how to save the pictures.

Peter doing his homeworks   Peter doing his homework

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