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Dear Friends of Avantart!

We listen to the news from South-East Europe horribly scared and appalled, and how I search for some hope to oppose the bloody nightmare. The best remedy for violence is understanding and togetherness, communication and exchange - and for all this culture is a good mean.
There is war again in Europe and Germany is involved. We are terrified by the bombing and we can't find the right words.

Humanity is raped and our help and comfort shows no or little effect.

I fear the confrontation which is getting clearer and clearer: here the West, the NATO, bombing and sending humanitary aid to the refugees from Kosovo, and there in the East Russia stands to Serbia in old solidarity. Propaganda-media are working and they dis-inform all of us.

What is the truth? What can we do?

I fear that all our work in the last years, the rapprochement and the mutual work will be hindered or stopped. The friendship, the closeness, the familial tone - was all this illusion? I do not want to believe that, to accept that.

We work on mutual projects with so much energy, distance is not important for our friendships, we must not give up this to a Cold War.

Hereby I say, that I do not agree with this war, and I beg you to say the same:

Stop the Killing! Stop the War! Talk together! Negotiate! Respect your socalled 'enemy', forget old stories and look forward!

Let me introduce my monthly news for April 99 under this aspect!

Mutual tours, exhibitions, festivals are a sign of togetherness and that's why they should be realised in difficult times as well. So the Festival Behind the Ural, taking place in Vienna in may, will be a positive signal!

The Festival Behind the Ural is presented by Szene Wien, together with the Club Porgy & Bess and the Wiener Konzerthaus.

You will find more information on this festival at the Website of Szene Wien

Last month Irina Tigranova, widow of the armenian composer Avet Terterian visited Germany. One of the reasons of the visit was the new contract with the renowned music publishing house Sikorski I will report soon about our new projects, ideas and chances at

March 31, the american pianist Cecil Taylor gave a great concert in Studio 10 at Hamburg. flowers for  CecilI took the chance to pass over the birthday list, which I had opened at Avantart, to Cecil. Many friends and admirers of his music participated and wrote their gratulations into this list.

Cecil whishes you all the best and says thank you for all these gratulations.

The birthday list is closed now, but she will be online at Avantart for some time. Let me express my thanks to all of you who contributed!

some more flowers


More than once I introduced my friend Trudy Morse at Avantart. Trudy is muse, poet, grandma and globetrotter. She accompanies Cecil Taylor on tour very often, she participated at his birthday party and she came to Hamburg last week.

We made plans during her stay at my house, plans for tours and more. But first of all, Trudy went back to Washington to celebrate her 80th birthday there!

For sure there is a birthday list for Trudy as well! We all can learn from her and her energy....

Not long ago, I could introduce CDs by Vladimir Tarasov and the Ganelin Trio at Avantart, some of them real historic records which played an important role in the history of russian jazz.

These CDs, published by SONORE before, are in distribution again. Now they are distributed by the label SOLYD RECORDS in Moscow. I will present you one of their CDs every month here at Avantart, let me start with the CDs by Tarasov / Ganelin.
I am glad that these CDs are on the market again. There will be more Solyd CDs here in the future. And there will be a contact formular, now I just add the eMail-adress.

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Through our petition we are appealing to the members of the European Parliament and members of the national parliaments.

If you are a citizen of the European Community, please support this petition! You will find more information at the WebSite of VOTE AGAINST SPAM. You can vote there and help to stop the SPAMming of our mailboxes!

The WebSite of the Theatre-Academie Interstudio in Carskoe Celo / St. Petersburg are updated. This means, that the contact adresses are more actual now, but there is also some more content. I present the art group Emergency Exit there, and there will be a list of exhibitions and actions in the near future as well.

You will get the program of the forthcoming festival KUKART 4 (June 1999), as soon as possible!

News from Marseille: MIMI 99

The festival MIMI 99 will take place in the theatre of Arles July 27 to August 1. There is a very prominent guestlist and the people from the open stage will contribute to this festival in interesting ways as well!

There is a new topic: contemporary young dance Here now the program, which presents many of my friends:
Musicians Dancers
  • Massacre (Fred Frith, Bill Laswell, Charles Hayward!!!!)
  • Thinking Plague
  • Le Brâme des Fous (Racaille & Laloux)
  • Steve Beresford & Lol Coxhill
  • Dupain
  • Buru
  • Jean-20
  • Huutujat (the Finnish Screamers)
  • Moondog

  • Appaix
  • Dubelski
  • Cie Gàara
  • Râle
  • Cie Salia nï Seydou

Just now, Ferdinand Richard announced the re-opening of the shop Stupeur et Trompette in Marseille. Music, communications, coffee, .... if you are curious and if you speak or read french, here is the announcement! Bonne chance, Ferdinand et compagnie!

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