JazzFest Arkhangelsk 1997

It is said that the JazzFest Arkhangelsk 97 in North Russia was the last festival organised by Vladimir Resitzki, the restless musician and genious organisator. The economic situation gets more and more difficult every year and he needs time for his music. Please read why this festival is so special....

So I am happy that I was invited to take part in it. This year we travelled via Moscow to Arkhangelsk, and we flew to the Solovki Islands in the White Sea.

I accompanied the ensemble Tisch5 from Hamburg: Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Stefan Kersting and Rolf Pifnitzka. But there were more musicians, as you will see when you read through my diary.

Beside the festival report, please read about

Solovki Islands

The illustration on this page come from a picture book by Mikhail Popov: The Golden Box and other fairy tales from the Russian North, Arkhangelsk 1992.

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