Jazz Days, the 15th International Festival, Arkhangelsk 1997

October 4 , 1997

Lokomotif Konkret

At the second day of the festival, the first group was LOKOMOTIF KONKRET (Dror Feiler, Tommy Bjork, Soren Runold) from Sweden. This ensemble toured in Russia very often, and they found many friends there, not only because of their music. They will celebrate their 20th stage-anniversary in coming November.

Dror Feiler Soren Runold

Free Jazz at its best, driven by energy, despair and analysis.

Dror Feiler, bandleader, composer and saxophonist, always finds some heavy material to work with,

while Soren Runold observes all this without (visible) emotions, but his sound proofs the contrary.

It's the drummer's fate to stay in the background. Sorry, Tommy.

Tisch 5 from Hamburg (Heinz-Erich Gödecke, Stephan Kersting and Rolf Pifnitzka) was somehow handicapped: Their drummer, Rolf Ernst, could not join the group for this tour. But they found a (most) adaequate substitute: Vladimir Tarasov.

Oleg Soulimenko
Oleg Soulimenko,
Dancer from Moscow

Their concert had two parts: the first part was improvised together with Oleg Soulimenko, dancer from Moscow, who presented the poor king.

Tisch 5 has a very special sound, powerful and energetic and they found great attention, not only because of their name:

Tisch 5 with Vl. Tarasov
Tisch 5 from Hamburg, with Vladimir Tarasov
«Tisch 5», in russian language «stol nomer pet», means a special dinner-table in a hospital: #1 for the normal people, #2 for gastritis, #3 for athrosis, ..... it's up to your phantasy

One of the highlights of this festival was the performance by Vladimir Chekassin, who belongs to the most prominent russian jazz musicians, and who mixed music, theatrical elements, show girls, dance and poetry.

Vladimir Chekassin
The lyrics by Dmitry Prigov, Russia's most renowned poet today, blended perfectly into this spectacle.

Chekassin, accompanied by Andrej Rasin (fortepiano) and Valerij Apchasians (drums), gave us a proof of his great musicality, together with theatrical talent.

The actresses' costumes were adjusted to the northern region: transparent red fabric and some black garments; in Moscow, I was told, they performed naked.

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