My tours and travels: Russia, Sibiria, China, New York, Ukraina...

Altai Festival

at the White Sear
Peking Summerpalace

Ukraina 2002: Kiew, Dnipropetrowsk and the Festival World Jazz at the Dnepro

Altai: Chivaja Woda - Festival of Ethnic Music, Altai 2002

Summer in Moscow 2002

Spring in Moscow 2001: Novi Jerusalem and Samoskwraretschie

Armenia 2001

Russian Summer 2000:
"Take the Train" o Vladimir Nabokov's summerhouse more summer at the list of the photo-series

Russian Winter 1999The Golden Ring and the Urals

Armenia Autumn 1999

Jazzfest Arkhangelsk 1997 Our tour to Arkhangelsk and the Solovki Islands via Moscow and a documentation on the wooden architecture of the Russian North, September, 30 to Oktober, 10, 1997.

Summer 1997: Kukart-Festival in Puschkin

New York 1996 / 1997

Jazzfest Arkhangelsk 1996

Waiting for Jazz - Das Jazzfestival Peking 1994

Tuva 1993: impressions after a long tour

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