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Zhao Le
Zhao Le: Beijing Slang: a: seeking laughter,
fun, excitement, happiness b: entertainment

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The 1997 Jazzfestival Beijing is coming... have a first look at the tentative program! It will be an interesting week in Beijing, and I will travel there, so there will be a report on Av@ntart, for sure.

But before going to the Far East, let's go to the North of Russia! For the tenth time, the Jazzfest Arkhangelsk will take place, and I am very sorry for that, it will happen for the last time. I will leave to Moscow, September 28, and I will travel to Vologda and Arkhangelsk like the year before. This time, I will try to find a resumé, as a very special epoch is going to end.

documenta X Last month, I started the Av@ntart-Award as a more satirical project. But nobody responded, nobody felt strong enough to compete with the bundled arrogance of the Internet-Projects at the documenta.

So I wait for another chance to give away this very special award.

Documenta X documenta X documenta X
I played around with some javascript this month and opened a notebook, inspired by a script by Nash Radivanovic. As I managed to install it, I now have to find a good purpose for it. And I have to find out how to write text on the left pages, too.
This script is really fascinating as it is writing HTML-Text dynamically.
Those of you, who use Microsoft Internet Explorer, will find that the new window is not fitting exactly. Well, I have to improve that, too.
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