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Dear Friends of Avantart!

Since 1992, I know about the music of Avet TerterianAvet Terterian, the great armenian composer. And since 1997, I learned more and more about these wonderful compositions. I started the domain to promote the work of A. Terterian.

Chripsime churchSo the desire to visit Armenia, his home country, grew. September 24, our tour to Armenia and to Nishni-Novgorod began. We wanted to meet Irina Tigranova-Terterian, the widow of Avet, to meet his friends, to learn about the country and to meet musicians.

While I am writing this (october 28), we get the news about the terroristic attack at the parlament in Erevan. Let us hope that terrorism and irrationality will not take over in this country. Armenia deserves democracy and peace.

in the Geghart Monastery
At the end of our tour, we participated at the Terterian-Festival and the Symposion in Nishni-Novgorod. There will be a travel report at Avantart, for sure. You can find already the program of the festival and the symposion at the Terterian-Site.
the first part of my travel diary:

Republican SquareI am deeply impressed by this land and by the armenian people:
I never experienced people who, despite their hard political and economic situation, are so deeply involved in art, music and belief. People, who understand, that culture and belief is the key to national identity.
Let us all hope that violence will not take over...

I have been at the Terterian Festival in Nishni-Novgorod, Russia, October 7 to October 10, 1999. You will find a documentation of the festival and the symposion at the Terterian-WebSite.

Just now, only the program is published there.

Internationales Sommertheater 99Kinetic Theater

The Summertheater Festival at Kampnagel in Hamburg finished, the question Where is the East was not completely answered, but you can find a report on Alexey Aigi and the Ensemble Sasha Pepelyaev at Avantart.

And you can listen to one piece of the Soundtrack: Sto Takoya Morskaja Kapusta?

German Amazon I started to compile a list of those books which I really like and whose content fits to Avantart's content.
Just now, it is a list with books in german language (mostly), and these books can be ordered by the german AMAZON-Bookshop.

I will compile a list of books in english language soon, when I finished my armenian reports.

DOM is the name of a new venue in Moscow, a place for music, performance and exhibitions. Our friend Nikolai Dmitriev is program manager there.

DOM has a very interesting program. Some people compare this place with the New York Knitting Factory. Could be...

From now on, you will find the monthly program at Avantart. If you want to subscribe the monthly program, do it:

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